You deserve compensation for your injuries

If you're injured through no fault of your own in a car or slip and fall accident, you deserve proper compensation. Attorney Kirwan will help you get the money you deserve to help pay for medical bills, lost wages or damaged property. You need to focus on the healing process instead of fighting with insurance companies.

Get proper legal representation from a personal injury attorney in Syracuse, NY by contacting the Kirwan Law Firm, PC today.

Get Help with Contracts and Filing Suits

Contact a commercial litigation attorney in Syracuse, NY

Legal matters involving your company can quickly cause you to lose focus and profits. Your company can't afford to do either. The Kirwan Law Firm, PC will be on your side when you need a commercial litigation attorney in the Syracuse, NY area.

We offer an aggressive and responsive approach for all types of legal matters. You need a knowledgeable attorney when it comes to legal matters involving:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Contract disputes
  • Personal injury law

We're a part of the American Bar Association. Schedule a free consultation with a business litigation attorney in Syracuse, NY today.

We have the experience you're searching for

Attorney Kirwan has been involved with commercial litigation since 1991. He's passionate about his work and builds strong relationships with his clients. Our business litigation attorney provides dedicated services so you can stay updated on any progress in your case.

Contact a knowledgeable commercial litigation attorney in Syracuse, New York today.

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