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The Kirwan Law Firm, PC will go to trial on your behalf

When you're in the middle of a legal dispute or need to file a lawsuit to protect your corporate interests, you need an experienced commercial litigation attorney on your side. The Kirwan Law Firm, PC handles cases involving business litigation in Syracuse, New York.

Attorney Kirwan will go to trial and litigate on your behalf. We've worked on lawsuits involving:

  • Insurance companies
  • School districts
  • Homebuilders

You may have a dispute involving a business owner, employee or customer. Get help with commercial litigation in Syracuse, NY by contacting the Kirwan Law Firm, PC today.

Do what's best for your business

Do what's best for your business

You'll always receive 100% of our attention for your legal matters. Our firm is a member of the American Bar Association, and we help businesses of all sizes who need commercial litigation to protect their interests or assets.

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